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Decay Envelope bug in modular

Caustic Song file (optional): 

The decay envelope sometimes resets (fully closes) when the first note trigger of a sequence stops. Subsequent note triggers do not have this behaviour.

To expand on that, I've attached a caustic file. Have a listen. You might be able to hear the filter sweep closing extra hard on the first chord out of every 4, since it's on a simple 4 trigger loop.

Have a look at the oscilliscope showing the envelope output, and notice that when the first note is no longer being triggered, the decay envelope goes immediately to zero - but it does NOT do that for the other three notes.

I believe this is a bug, and it should never close the decay envelope automatically, no matter what notes are playing or not.

Hmm... interesting.

While saving my file to attach, it fixed itself. but only partially! Sometimes I can get it to still happen, especially just after adjusting the size of the note. It's quite audible when it does happen.

Oh well, there's certainly a bug here, but it appears reproducing it is not quite as straightforward as I thought. Here's the file anyway, maybe it happens for you, maybe not. I had much more luck reproducing it on android than on windows...

Maybe something to do with processor time available?