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Lost all my files :(

So basically this was me being stupid, but i lost all of my projects from the past two years, because i tried to make space on my phone and deleted misc. and cache. folders from android storage settings, after that caustic cannot find anything else than the demosongs. I had over 100 projects there. But really cannot blame anybody else, if somebody knows a trick how to get them back i would be very thankfull, i have already tried to recover them with recuva, but no luck. :(

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So is it just Caustic files

So is it just Caustic files eg .caustic extension that are not showing up on your device?

I ask because Caustic does not save .caustic files in private directories, so it sounds like your file system is whacked or out of sync, I am thinking the files are still in your memory but Android is not saying they exist because of the directories you deleted.

TLDR; Sounds like you corrupted your file system but the files might actually still be on the device.

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Also, look up google drive

Also, look up google drive auto sync on Google play, you can keep your device synced with your Google drive and means you could throw your phone away and lose nothing

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Use Phone optimization and

Use Phone optimization and memory boosting apps to clear caches and miscs. Never ever format your phone's memory directly

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Yeah, if you are on Android,

Yeah, if you are on Android, and have a laptop, I'd try connecting and browsing from a pc, or, if that doesnt work, then try and locate your caustic folder, unless you specifically moved your files to a different location on your phone, more than likely they are still there, You can also try and just copy the whole lot to a folder on your PC and try and just sort it out there. Best of luck man, sadly, I've been where you are at, and it's not a good feeling. I'd definitely back up off your phone in the future. You will be glad you did.

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