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In the Land of Impossible Suns - first post

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Hi everyone!

Here is my (long due) very first post on this forum, which I have been following with great interest. I've learned SO much thanks to the tips & tricks, messages and resources posted here and I'm really grateful to Rej and the awesome community for making all this possible.

I discovered Caustic, and made my first steps in music making in March of this year 2018. I instantly fell in love with this gem and started right away to experiment with it.

Composing and experimenting with Caustic has become my daily passion since, and a pretty joyful addiction :) Trying to make music has been a personal desire for a long time, Caustic made it possible and accessible to me, and I'm still amazed by its possibilities and expressiveness.

Around 400 caustic files and 8 months later, I made this track "In the Land of Impossible Suns", which i share with you today.

The track is 100% Caustic, with a touch of mastering done in Final touch.

Feel welcome to do whatever you please with the .caustic file and share your creation if you feel like it, as long as you give credit if you publish something.

I still feel like a beginner, and any feedback, critics and suggestions would be most welcome.