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My second full-length album is out!

Hey everyone!

My sophomore album, Borne of Effort, is finally released to the public! I've been working on it since July, and the album has nine songs (+1 spoken word track).

I decided to take my music in a more dark, gritty, and ambient direction, while still maintaining my frequent use of distortion and progressive style. So far, people have told me that this album tops my first, and I'd love to get your opinions on it as well!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I'm also in the market to do some remixes or collaborations as well!
If you're interested, my email is endvisible@gmail.com - I check this regularly, just mention Collaboration in the subject.

Here're some other links to the full album:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/endvisible/sets/borne-of-effort
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLluwd9q320ri7MxAIl1yCuAat8xBHPueP
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0JeJ2GzCb6sCsslk2KWxqf

Please provide your opinions and feedback on the production or mixing, as my biggest goals moving forward are to improve my craft and to innovate in the EDM genre.

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Just finished listening, it's

Just finished listening, it's intense! Def a unique vibe. It's a thin line between creepy and goofy, and this mostly stays on the creepy end. I had to stop half way through because it gave me a bunch of inspiration for some noisier tracks I was working on. Would be in my playlist if there were a download link ;-)

Maybe in a couple of places the drums weren't, like... "present" enough to have an impact, but also not distant enough to sound properly ambient? I mean, what the fuck do I know, I suck at mixing. Maybe I just don't like the "width" sound?

I make Chillout Electronic Music, and sometimes Ambient. http://floatingbeyond.tk

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@nitro27 Thanks for the reply

@nitro27 Thanks for the reply! I get what you mean about the width sound, it's a niche effect to hear. Thanks for the feedback!

Also, what you said about it inspiring you was awesome to read. I'm gonna go ahead and set up the download link on Soundcloud, thanks for telling me about that!





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