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What is missing in my main corus (drop)

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Hi, can you listen this drop and tell me what is problem in this drop? Tell me you're idea

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Well I will try mate, just

Well I will try mate, just give an hour

P.S. hour or less

I added a little bit of white Noize to simy Brown Noize. That very good tecnic to get I clean bass. Now I think that there is nothing wrong, only thing that doesn't fit is that velocity on drums is little to high. You should be able to fix that.

In the master there is a whole bunch of modulation, so don't touch that until you finish up your mix.

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I think your bass patch was a

I think your bass patch was a few octaves too high, bass is usually at c1-c2 :)

I replaced the sound as well, feel free to change it back if it doesnt sound right to you, if you do you may have to mess with octaves again.

I also tweaked the other sounds, and the kick waveform, to make it sound a bit tighter. (also changed the sidechain so it triggered on every kick and clapsnare hit)

Hope you like it

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