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Experiment in Mnemonics (new video with Zvon samples)



Hi everyone,


Odd bits and fun in Caustic 3!
Audio collage, rhythmic patterns. 
Made with some of my sample sets, mainly the Memory Collection sample packs, sprinkled with Caustic's synths.

See the timeline below for more details.

0.00 clip 1: Memory Collection 07, PeP (Prepared Electric Piano), PCMSynth2
0.26 clip 2: Memory Collection 07, played real time
0.46 clip 3: Chromatic Hits demo (in PCMSynth) and Memory Collection 08
1.10 clip 4: FMSynth, Modular synth, Memory Collection 05 and 06, Chromatic Hits demo
1.32 clip 5: Memory Collection 06
1.57 clip 6: Memory Collection 07 and PeP (reprise) 
2.12 clip 7: Memory Collection 05, Chromatic Hits demo, FMSynth, Modular synth 

The Memory Collection packs are audio samples from Public Domain novies, TV shows and ads.
Visit this page for more info:

Video link: