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Coup (Electronic Rock)

Slow and Heavy.

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Nice to hear someone trying a

Nice to hear someone trying a more rock n roll approach!
this is an old ditty i did around 5years ago when i was just getting started with Caustic. Very heavily influenced by Butthole Surfers, early hawkwind, and a touch of Foetus. i couldnt resist the play on words between minister and monster as the original mix was called ''there's a moster coming (the westminster mix), then the next was ''there's a minister coming (the westmonster mix'') and so on. Great fun.
Watch out for the monster coming in the steam roller of a bassline that kicks in around 3:47 minutes in!
(there is only one or two recent more together tracks on this playlist. most of my better newer stuff (mostly non psytrance psychedelic underground dance styles on soundcloud as dj pan croque... and some old shite there too)