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Pattern Length in Caustic 3

Hi everyone,

Starting to morph over to using Caustic as my main piece of kit, been a Reason user for years. Am loving it - Modular Synth is a beast! I keep finding what I think are little bugs but usually Caustic just does things a little different to Reason and I can resolve any problems I think I might have. I can't however for the life of me figure out how to extend the pattern lengths in Caustic 3. In Caustic 2 you held the pattern button and then could choose a different length (in measures), up to 8 from memory, but in Caustic 3 I only get options to bypass shuffle or transpose or nudge the notes.

Surely this option hasn't been removed? Can anyone help?



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D'oh! Was trying to work this

D'oh! Was trying to work this out for hours last night and found it myself within half hour of posting my query. If anyone else is as blind as me to this, can be found under the grid button where there are options to use 1, 2, 4 or 8 measure patterns , makes perfect sense to find it in there.

Still trying to find microphone sample recording, if I say this out loud I am sure to find it imminently... cool


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if you tap the note value (1

if you tap the note value (1/4, 1/32,...etc)...it will then show a bar at the top,  that has at the left the pattern length change buttons...just long press the 8, 4, 2, 1, and you will see a little popup asking if you want to change the pattern length...

hope that helps...if not maybe someone can explain it better than i.

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Nope, you got it right.....

Nope, you got it right..... Just got moved to a different position, thats all..... Once Rej finishes his video tuitorials, they will certainly be worth the watch, he shows how everything works in a straightforward visual sense...

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Es hora de que agreguen una opción, para usar patrón ilimitado. Mi Tema Trance, hecho Caustic.

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I think 8 pattern are enough.

Related steps in a four quarters clock if you set to 1/64 note you have 512 (!!) steps.

Try to find this in professioanal step sequencers...

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How to grow pattern to 3,5,6

How to grow pattern to 3,5,6 and 7 measures?

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You can't, use the size

You can't, use the size bigger and stretch the pattern on the sequencer to the desired length, i.e for a 3 bar make a 4 bar pattern and then once placed on the sequencer drag it to 3 bars long.