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Beatbox note assignment

HI all, new to Caustic. I love this program and use it on a portable device and on PC

I was wondering if there was a way to assign the samples in beatbox to differnet notes.

I have a drum pad that I would like to set up to use with Caustic it has 4x4 pads and as of right now only the top row triggers( some samples are not even triggering). I noticed how to find the root note form the menues within beatbox but cannot find a way to reassign these to match what my controller is assigned to. A midi learn would be great, but i am really seeking any advise on how to align samples to fit my controller.


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Yes, midi-learn would be

Yes, midi-learn would be great. I think it might be in the works but am not sure.

As a workaround, you could use the PCM synth. Figure out what pad triggers what key by pressing the pads and assign the samples to those keys. Not the same but I think it would work. Using the PCM synth for drums/percussion is better than the beat box in a lot of ways, mostly in that you can use up to sixty-four samples.

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Normally you can re-assign

Normally you can re-assign the midi note numbers that your pad sends out so you should be able to match the Beatbox note numbers. Beatbox range is C3 to G3

Binary Star
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I did realize I could

I did realize I could reassign my controller, but it is a real pain with this one.frown

I will find a work around for this as I love Caustic.This thing kills Korg's Gadget!

Thanks for the ranges and the help.

Rej - Dev
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just to add to this: MIDI CC

just to add to this: MIDI CC mappings are coming for 3.1 however the beatbox's pads are notes and are already mapped to C3 like pablo64 said so you'll have to re-map your drums pads for now.  I can probably offer octave mapping in the future but don't expect it in the next version.

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Octave mapping would be

Octave mapping would be awesome, so as to get the beatbox down to c2 getting the kick and snare in the gm range. Love the app, five starred in both ios appstore and google play. Using on iphone ipad and nook, nook hd and an "all winners" android tablet. core midi, inter audio, audiobus ought to really put you in the tabletop, gadget, beatmaker 2, funkbox leagues. What value in this app! Caustic merch can't be too far off. Would love to help beta test!

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It would be great if a future

It would be great if a future version allowed us to map the midi notes for the drums. Make it a lot easier to make patterns that can be exported to work with other hardware drum machines.