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Hi and welcome to the Caustic

Hi and welcome to the Caustic World. I like your description of the type of thing you are into, and have just had a listen to your track Question5, which I really liked, great flow and has that nice jazzy type melodic piano part. Nice stuff

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Salut  tous

Salut  tous

Moi c'est Throy93

Pas musicien du tout, j'aime la musique et de tous genre, j'ai toujours essayer d'en creer meme si je ne suis pas aussi fervent que vous

J'ai essayer a l'epoque  cubase, rebirth, fruityloop, et reason, lacher parce  que pour un amateur qui par moment a des envies creative ca coute un bras.

Et voila qu'arrive caustic magnifique, j'aime ecouter les creation des autres et ainsi entendre leurs style , et je suis toujour etonner de ce que l'on peut faire avec caustic,  alors qu'il ya quelques annees  c'etait inaccesible.

Voila au filling je pianote sur caustic et jessaie de faire une piste correct.

Merci a tous continnuer a partager vos creations, certaines son vraiment top.

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WAKE UP!!! (lol)

WAKE UP!!! (lol)

I'm Dean, a 50-yr old US Army veteran, a poet, an out-of-practice percussionist, a fantasy sports enthusiast, a baseball fan (GO CUBS GO since 1984!), a divorced father of 4 (one girl, three boys), and newly minted iOS mobile music producer. Later this month (if all goes well), I'll have an AAS in audio engineering, with experience on the SSL Duality 48, Toft ATB-32 and PreSonus 32.4.2AI (for live applications) boards. I'm more the plug-n-play analog outboard gearhead, but have no qualms about using plug-ins in the box when on the go. My main genres are Classic Chicago-style House and that boom-bap Hip Hop, but recently tried my hand at trap (and kinda dig it pre-insertion of insipid lyrical material) and eventually wanna get back into using unconventional time signatures in all three of those (well, for the first time on the latter). I got into engineering to help me understand why my beats sound great at home or on stage, but suck in the car on on my cell phone, and I've learned so much, yet I feel I'm just getting started.

Caustic came into my life while I still had a crappy Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0" tablet (NO OTG support so everything was step recorded first and fixed later). I couldn't wait to upgrade my tablet and really get into what it can do, but the PC version was a great alternate until then. School happened next, then the iOS-/mac OS way of producing became my new standard, and the PC fell away. The school also gave me an Apollo Twin (SOLO - BOO!!) Thunderbolt interface, and Komplete 10, along with the laptop. So with my old AKG C1000S, I can actually do some vocal tracking and ITB mixing almost anywhere viable. I have a SoundCloud page where I uploaded three covers of songs done exclusively on Caustic with that crappy tablet, and I uploaded the most well-known one here. This is my first time ever sharing something done on Caustic, and it was PRE-engineering school, so go easy on me, aiight?

I'm semi-ashamed to admit I loaded up on free soundpacks, but still fully intend to buy a handful when my corporate AV gig becomes full time (or my school refund hits), especially from Jason and whoever does the ones for Audiovapor - ya'll ROCK. Oh...if you hafta ask what the screen handle means, you missed the part about my fave genres...(lol) 'peace widdit!!'


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I am BowlG (i'm not going to

I am BowlG (i'm not going to tell my real name)
I am 15 years old and live in germany, i waste my time on mountainbiking and making some stuff with caustic 3.2
Whenever i compare my music to pc users, it sounds bad, but i feel fine for what the app Caustic 3 can do already. i have a youtube channel where i post just a few of my work, recently i released a track called "Edge" (a bad joke to be honest, especially when looking at how old i am)
i'm a little afraid to release actual tracks, even if they sound good, they dont seem polished to me.
well... there is not much for me to tell, i still have a lot of time to live through


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Hello everyone. I just got

Hello everyone. I just got here but I've been tinkering on caustic for about a year now. Thank you Rej for this awesome tool. Mabuhay ang Caustic!

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I am Miguel and I discovered this community after purchasing the Korg Volca Sample. I'm too impatient to wait for it to ship here so while I was searching for the manual, I found this community instead! I ended up buying the app to support the developer since he made an awesome app free to use for the Korg Volca Sample. Can't wait to learn this app and make some music to share. Excited to be here!

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Wow! I guess I am the only

Wow! I guess I am the only Southern Hemisphere soul on here , I hope not so! :)

My name is Raymond Cadigan aka Big Rey (First name is my real name), 24 years old and single. I am a Pacific Islander! :p
I'm a Melanesian and my country is Papua New Guinea, just north of Australia.
I also consider myself an Irishman as my great grandfather was an Irishman.

I don't know how to play any instrument but I do know how to drop and produce killer tracks. Like most of you on here, I am an audiophile. I cannot live without music and I literally mean it!

I downloaded the demo version of Caustic 3 accidentally last week while updating my FL Studio on my PC. I ran the app on my phone and was BLOWN AWAY! If I can be frank, the app is better than some of the expensive commercial DAW softwares on the market! Anyways I went on to purchase the full version of the app and here I am!

I've just started off with it and am still getting familiar with it. The tutorials, discussions and tracks from you LOVELY folks are really helping me. By the end of this week, I should be wholly and thoroughly familiar with it.

Thanks folks! Laikim Yupla (Love ya'll) ;-)

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Welcome to Caustic. It's

Welcome to Caustic. It's funny how people are still saying what you are after 7 years.

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Hello Redbug

Hello Redbug

I'm from New Caledonia, we are sort of neighbour ;)