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Caustic Plugins (a la VST)

Please forgive if this topic has been addressed - I've just discovered Caustic (and am very impressed and excited, etc.) but I have one concern: Clearly it is both possible and encouraged to create "expansion packs" but as far as I can tell, these all consist of samples and/or presets to the existing synths that are part of Caustic itself. What is Caustic's philosophy towards allowing the community to write brand new synths and effects - perhaps in the form of vst-like plugins? For some forms of music new samples aren't sufficient: what's needed are new algorithms. It is clear that music synthesis on android has reached its time (and Caustic appears to be at the forefront, from what I can tell) - and as a developer I am hoping to find the platform with the brightest future to throw my efforts behind - can/will Caustic be seen as a platform in the future? Or as a single, albeit very well coded, self-contained app? It does seem that Caustic's modular design would lend itself naturally to allowing an ecosystem of synths and effects (vetted by the Author for quality perhaps?) to develop. Is there any plan to release an api (or has this already occurred)? Thanks and forgive my newb-dom!

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Wow. Extra effect plugins

Wow. Extra effect plugins sounds cool.

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Hi there and welcome! Shoot

Hi there and welcome! Shoot RejDev an email, there are things in the works to do kind of what you have in mind....

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>>"there are things in the

>>"there are things in the works to do kind of what you have in mind...."<<
Everyday it seems the future of Caustic is brighter!

Rej - Dev
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Hi Astragalus, welcome. I've

Hi Astragalus, welcome. I've looked into plugins before, in fact I even wrote a test framework and managed to get an insert effect working as a separate APK. The two main issues I see are song distribution and cross-platform support. What happens if you share a song made with a plugin with someone who doesn't have that plugin? Do they just get a pop up that the song can't be loaded, ReBirth did that with mods and it became frustrating as hell as you couldn't open half the songs online after a while. However the main issue is the multi-platform nature of the app. Caustic exists on Android, PlayBook, windows and probably Mac/iOS soon, yet only Android and PC/Mac can support plugins. Having content that only exists on some platforms creates confusion. I'm open to discussion but these issues need to be solved. There are also issues like you mentioned with "trust" ( if I load your plugin into caustic and you wipe the users pictures, I'm the one exposed and liable. )

Also, what kind of new algorithms did you have in mind, I've got lots of things in prototype phase that will eventually be incorporated into the app.

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To address the issue of

To address the issue of incompatible song files, you could have data saved in the .caustic files which defines the necessary plugins and asks you to download them. In fact, you could even host the plugins on this site instead of on the play store and have an in-app download system. The plugins could be separated by type (ie: synth, drum machine, insert effect, etc) and have screenshots, descriptions, and possibly a rating and reviewing system as well.

Edit: you could also set it up to where developers can charge for more complex plugins, and since they'd be hosted on your site, you could take a small amount of money from each sale to help with hosting costs.

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Loading unsupported VSTi's

Would it not be easier and more user friendly to just allow them to load the song anyway? Maybe it's because I'm a Linux user but it seems natural to me that, although the user should definately be notified, any midi, sequencer, automaton data, etc. that would remain intact should still be accessed. Maybe you could create a machine for this instance? Call it "blank machine" or "missing machine". They'd be opening it for the first time and all of caustic's native synths need to be set up the when first loaded anyways. The whole, "I've experienced a small set back... I quit!" thing it's something I wish we didn't see in Windows... Or anywhere lol.

BTW, Caustic works beautifully using wine in Linux (full install is a little slow but the standalone is full speed... Wine, go figure)

-Chris Gerhardt

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Didn't EVEN notice the date

Didn't EVEN notice the date on this

-Chris Gerhardt

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Allow a framework where people can create their own synths and fx (windows / mac only).

Have a section on the site where people can try them out (windows / mac only)

The new machines can be voted for / discussed

If there is a general thumbs up it can be submitted to rej as an official enhancement and it gets rolled into a caustic build and therefore safe and optimised.

The payment of the plugin to the author(s) can be discussed between rej and the author, ranging from kudos to sexual favours depending on quality, how much fettling is involved to get it working etc.

This might be a way to bring in additional coders without losing the single developer feel of Caustic.

Just mind belching

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I personally like the '

I personally like the ''everything included'' form of caustic, that surely reminds me of good old Reason.

I'm also a bit of a tracker fan, and I kind of think that we have everything in hand to create any kind of sound already ?

just thinking about the possibilities that offer the modular is actually freaking me up :)

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Guys, this thread is old, and

Guys, this thread is old, and Rej has stated that plugins for VST or VSTi isn't on the agenda for the time being......

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What I do is basically create

What I do is basically create a hard kick in caustic , export it, open it in audacity and from there I use tons of vst's... But yeah direct caustic support would be awesome...


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Soon, you won't have to

Soon, you won't have to export your sample projects to another device...... I did PocketKit Pro 3, processed and prepped all inside Caustic....

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Rej it would make caustic

Rej it would make caustic better for some people if you would make some more modules for the modulator and maybe expand the space for the modules :)

For example me : I use the modular almost everytime

​or make amazing screeches and growls 

my Youtube Channel :



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