Spread the word please... and don't be mad, I'm still working on Caustic.

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First of all: apologies, this post isn't about Caustic. I'm working to move things over to this website that will allow people to follow general news about my apps.

Work on Caustic 2.0 is still progressing nicely in between holiday festivities and nasty illnesses but it's not ready yet.

I hinted I was working on another app in between coding sessions for Caustic, and that app is out now so I just want to give it a shout here in case you're interested. Please help spread the word or your blogs, twitter, facebook, Google+, whatever the kids are into this week.

The app is called LoopStack and it's a loop recorder for Android very similar to Everyday Looper on iOS, with a hint of Caustic's new UI and effects. My plan is to bring some of this tech back into Caustic to allow sample recoding and maybe even a looper "machine".


Here's the market link:

Happy new year!

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