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"Can't find virtual sdcard directory" error Caustic for PC


Not sure if I'm in the correct forum for this enquiry, but here goes!

I know Caustic for PC isn't officially supported as it's a freebie, but was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem or had a solution for it?

Running Caustic immediately after installation is fine, but if I close the program & try to run it again later I receive a message which says "Can't find virtual sdcard directory, please re-install Caustic" & the Windows system message "Caustic.exe has stopped working, Windows is attempting to find a solution to the problem". I'm running it on Windows 7 Ultimate edition

Any feedback would be greatly welcomed :-)

Rej - Dev
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It's looking for a path set

It's looking for a path set in the windows registry. Maybe a permission setting is wrong and it's being deleted...

Try the stand-alone version. It doesn't store the path in the registry but rather expects the documents folder to be with the EXE.

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I faced this issue too.

I faced this issue too. Running standalone version aside, one can set Caustic to run with administrator privileges. This solves the issue as well.

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My experience is that

My experience is that installing as Administrator requires running it as Administrator.

ie: C:/users/administrator/documents is default, but since it's not running/logged in as that account then Windows does not give permission by default, so Caustic then throws the error (which makes sense in this case - no access = no data directory).  Install again, placing data directory in (example) C:/caustic/caustic makes it so it doesn't have to run as admin on a standard account, even though it was installed as admin.

So you can run Caustic without elevated permissions, sans error, if you install Caustic with its Data directory in a non-admin or user specific folder (ie: root of main drive).  The reason the portable version works without admin rights/error is because the data directory isn't in a user folder.

This is a Windows security feature, not a bug.