Caustic 3.2

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Finally, I know...

Lots of videos showing the new stuff, links to the others at the bottom of each one. Here's the overview of what's new in 3.2



Android - Google Play

iOS - Apple App Store


Desktop versions. Free, full version, but no support. 

Windows 7, 8, 10     Installer EXE |  Standalone ZIP

Windows XP, Vista     Installer EXE |  Standalone ZIP

MacOS                  DiskImage (Manual install)


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Well worth the hard work and

Well worth the hard work and wait.    Awesome update, and am eternally grateful for the vast array of tools and flexibility Caustic has to offer.   This is just amazing in more ways than I can describe here.  Very well done, sir. coolyes


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Thank you for your hard work!

I know you've been working on this for a long time, and that you spent a lot of time making sure you got it right and working well. Thank you for producing such an incredible DAW!
I'm so excited for this update. Caustic is the best app I've ever bought. I'm so glad you continue working on it, adding well chosen features and making it better and better.


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Thank you so much, Rej! The

Thank you so much, Rej! The new features are awesome! I've been using audio evolution to process vocals, but never got the quality I got from Caustic's effects. The scale settings are a huge help, and I'm sooooo making a song with the saw synth.

Thanks a lot!

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I'm over the moon about this

I'm over the moon about this release.Where i come from,people arent really into it..

I'm just glad i discovered this app three years ago.

To Rej,you are the man.

I would love to join up wit you to run promotional workshops of some sort in my country.Papua New Guinean musicians will love this..


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Trouble downloading installer

I'm having trouble downloading Caustic onto my laptop it is old and it is also running vista i don't know what the problem is to be honest it tells me to contact the author of the installer which i am guessing is you guys i have no trouble with the mobile version but i finally  SAID FUCK IT I NEED SOME HELP so i would appreciate it if somonne would help me thank you if y6ou need to get in touch asap my email is

Great work...!!

Hi all...I just wanted to say what an incredible piece of software Caustic is. Without going into details, take me word for it - I do know what I am talking about!! :o) I think Caustic is as good as an older version of Reason - and it costs £5.99...!! I would happily have paid good money for this app - the more you use it and delve under the hood, the more you realise that there is so much to this app. And if you know what you are doing, you can create music with fantastic sound quality. Using the effects, especially the EQ insert, and if you are creating any kind of EDM music, it's up there with any professional DAW. Initially I was a bit put off with the UI, but as long as you keep your tablet in portrait position it's not so bad. And using the overview to jump around the units makes life much easier. I have been using Caustic incessantly for the last week, and as you can probably tell - I'm impressed. Also, the beauty of the free version for giving it a go, is even though you cannot save tracks, when you come out of Caustic and go back into it, it retains the track you were working on. But, if you like it, just pay the six quid - SIX QUID!! It's nothing, not even a couple of pints of lager!
Apparently it's all created by just one guy. If that is true, I really hope that he has done well out of this, because he deserves to. I would love to know the story behind it - who he is, has he made a living from his app, is he still involved in it...? If you are reading this - come say hello! And if anyone knows the deal, please let me know.


I hope all is well. Is this website still being ran? I've been using caustic for over 6 years now. It's how I started my music Journey and I'm still going strong. Only reason I came on here is to see if there was any update on the desktop version. I have completely ran out of space on my phone to export tracks. I figured I tried to download the desktop version. Please, anyone. Let me know... Blessings.


I love Caustic, but since all the changes made in Mac OS you can no longer use it on newer Macs. I was hoping you could at least recompile it for them.