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Here's the best (to date) piano preset for PCMSynth. I have not yet set loop points, I'm not sure it will be necessary for most styles of music created on this forum, but it is free for all to enjoy.


Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. Was lookin for a piano. Nice sound. (Can be found in the download.) Ain't nothing like a defining bass, violin string, piano and kickin drums, and flute and harp, and that default sound. And thank you rej for the free windows version: it funks totally! Finally a tool that's about music, simple. Love you thanks. The new project seems very good.. Will check it.

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I was looking for a piano for my latest song. I used the sample given, but it sounded like a MIDI instrument. Thank God you made this! It's almost so real!


From a pianist, this isn't close. FL Studio is even better. Still unable to make or find anything even remotely close to a true sounding piano where you can actually create true piano melodies. They just don't tie together when you combine right and left hand like FL Studio.