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A feature I discovered by accident re: BeatBox

If this is documented and I just overlooked this until last night, my apologies.

I found out that if you switch to the mode without all the knobs in Beatbox, where you touch the pad determines the velocity of the hit, fast at the top, low at the bottom. I have too much latency on my phone to use this as a primary way of entering notes, but it's a great way to generate a lot of notes with a natural seeming variety of velocities, which I then move around on the grid to where I want them. With a good phone, it would be even more useful

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It's not a hidden feature -

It's not a hidden feature - this is how the pads worked from the day they were introduced in an old Beta / Alpha (3.1 anyone?) but I think the pads are probably an under-utilised feature full stop. 

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Yes, it is an official

Yes, it is an official feature. But I do not use it due to medium-high latency (and having only one stylus to drum).

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It's a pretty awesome feature

It's a pretty awesome feature. You might get the occasional double note here and there due to latency, but the point is to capture that drum patter and adjust it later. Very awesome feature.

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And it's a beautiful visual

And it's a beautiful visual when you are just listening to your song..


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@opus that's what I use it

@opus that's what I use it for mainly :D

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Yes, I really appreciate the

Yes, I really appreciate the velocity feature when finger drumming. I use a 7 inch tablet. The pads are one of the top features.