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Download DUBSTEP demo song from Big Beard Audio

Hey all, you can download a free Caustic Dubstep style song at http://bigbeardaudio.com/free-stuff

The song contains PCM presets and a drum kit created by Big Beard Audio. The PCM presets are all availabe in Big Beard's "RARESYNTH" packs on the Google Play Store. Youtube vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hcjUrLwbYI

Have fun with the sounds!


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The nice thing of offering up

The nice thing of offering up a *.caustic song, is you can showcase your sounds demos, that you can't really extract anything for your own projects, but allows you to play around with the sounds preloaded in the song.
Good job. this gives me some ideas for my own sounds projects I'll be starting on later this summer.

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Listen to 07. Ignorence.mp3

Listen to 07. Ignorence.mp3 by Justiz Tshowanyane #np on #SoundCloud