[Hardstyle] Bad PsuedoKong

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Basically, I wanted to make a kong sound for hardstyle songs. But I only had the base sounds that came with the app. So I improvised and all thanks to the "Merge rack to instrument", I made this.

BTW, it's my first time posting, so do tell me if I did a boo-boo or something, help me out yes

Misc: I started off with a Dance kick with a indycat 7ps00001, and then I merged after changing the tone and whatnot. It didn't sound like what I want, so I constantly merged it with effects, effects and more effects. I then realized I wanted another type of sound, and latincat's conga_3 kinda fit the bill. I merged with more effects and got... this *bad* psuedokong. *shudders*. Still, a kong is a kong, right?


It's intended note is at around C3, too high (>C4)and its not the same anymore :(
Too low (<C2) and you get... nothing. :v

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