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Honest mixing (in mono)

If the stereo positioning is throwing you off when you export a track, you can go into accessibility under hearing and change the output to mono, this will give you more honest levels and positions of your tracks. When you switch back to stereo everything will be mixed how you like but with the added stereo width, the width knob can throw things off big time when you mixdown, also depending on what your hearing the mix through may be compensating a false space, mono mixing can really help with bass, sub bass tremendously.

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I totally agree, listening to

I totally agree, listening to it in Mono is really important to make sure you've not got any horrible phasing issues going on which can often come from use of the width control.

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A mono mix doesn't enhance

A mono mix doesn't enhance the instruments the same way.. Spacial position will help hearing some faint, low mixed, parts  some details, which will disappear, be hidden, in a mono mix..

But still.. It can be a step in the mixing process.. I will try it, next time..

Thanx for the tip..