Caustic 2 on BlackBerry PlayBook

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Although it has been out for over a week now, I just thought I'd mention here that Caustic is now available on BlackBerry's tablet.

The PlayBook is a really slick tablet, and can be picked up for pretty cheap in most parts of the world. The performance is great, the latency is low (~16ms) and the OS is really nice once you get used to it (coming from Android).

Caustic 2 is available as a free demo and full/paid version on BlackBerry AppWorld.

A big welcome to those coming here from their PlayBook, I invite you to register and join in on the forums.

Update - 15 June 2012: It seems as though AppWorld is refusing to publish the "Community Content Pack" installer because it's not a "real" app. So I"m offering it via this website in the meantime. Download the ZIP file, connect your PlayBook and open it as a USB device, browse to the misc/caustic/ folder and extract the ZIP contents there. The content should then be available through the app in "community1" folders in both the demo and paid versions.

This also means it will be harder to get 3rd-party content packs over from the Android market as well. Zvon have put their stuff on a dedicated PlayBook page here, with instructions.


Runs fantastic on the

Runs fantastic on the playbook Rej! Thanks so much for porting Caustic to this platform!
I hope to see more playbook users here. It is definitely the best musicians tool available on the BlackBerry market!