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Caustic Song file (optional): 

Looping in Mono mode with the PCMSynth (Number of Voices set to 1; importantly allows use of glide notes)

"Looping" essentially excludes Play Once and Note On/Off Modes for now.

Remember, one of the cool aspects of Caustic is that you can open the Loop Editor of the PCMSynth *while playback is active* to see the loop playback behaviour. This is important to help you visualize what's going on and to strategically control playback, especially with percussive loops.

You can look over each example individually in pattern mode. In song mode, it starts with A11 for 4 bars. If you play the Song while the Loop Editor is open you'll get a good visual overview to start.

Basic Rule #1: playback starts, when the end of the loop is reached it will generally jump back to the loop start or it will reverse, depending on the playback Mode of the loop (see "Mode" button).

This loop is set to Intro + Loop FwdBack Mode.

A11 - shows standard loop behavior. Starts and then when playback reaches the end it reverses, from that point it keeps bouncing between loop points until the note controlling the loop ends.

A1 - loop plays for 4 beats but does not reach the loop end point before it is re-triggerd with a normal note.

A2 - Demonstrates:

Basic Rule #2: Each time a non-glide note occurs, it forces playback from the Start.

A3 - Here is where it starts getting interesting and introduces:

Basic Rule #3: when you use a glide-note, playback does NOT occur from the loop start, playback instead starts from wherever it previously ended.

A4 - similiar to A3

A5 - Again demonstrates basic rules #1 and #2.

A6 - And here is:

Basic Rule #4 - If playback reaches the loop end marker and starts to play in reverse, it will continue moving towards the loop start marker UNLESS a glide-note occurs.

In other words, whether the loop is playing forwards or backwards, in either case a glide-note will force the loop to start playing in Forward motion from the existing playback point.

Watch A6 in the loop editor while the pattern plays and you will see that after it reaches the loop end marker it starts to play backwards. However, before it reaches the loop start marker a glide-note forces it to start playing in Forward motion again.

A7 - similiar to A6

A8 - some notes are pitched differently that the sample Root Key C4, in this case adding a glide note AFTER the drum hit starts allows you to pitch shift the tail of the hit. Notice in the loop editor that higher pitched notes cause playback to be faster and lower pitched notes cause playback to slow down.

A9 - some notes are an octave up which also increases playback speed by 2x.

A10 - can you jump around the loop? Yes and no.

In the loop the snare doesn't occur until beat 4. By using notes way up at C7, set with the lowest velocity caustic allows, you essentially "fool" the playback into jumping forward and barely hear the sound in between.

Generally that little bit of sound between beats gets lost if there are other instruments playing simultaneously but you could also automate the volume if you didn't want it.

Obviously the general goal here is creative use of non-glide and glide notes to manipulate the timing inside the loop. Chopping up loops is a different topic. Manipulating a loop this way however produces different types of results and sounds great with other types of samples as you'll see soon.

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you really nailed it, SToons.

you really nailed it, SToons. Hats off!

SToons Music
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Thanks buddy, I appreciate it

Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. Still, easy to see why those like Rej might get disillusioned - judging by the feedback, or general lack thereof, people would rather whine and beg for more shit than to put any energy into learning how to use what they already have. Really kinda sad.

Oh well ... not MY problem lol. Getting bitter just gives others too much power, despite the temptation.

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Your explanations r intensely

Your explanations r intensely gross in good info.