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Here is my 10th dubstep preset pack

Caustic Song file (optional): 

After what seems like ages since I made one of these, I figured it was about time for me to make another one of these. If you guys like I might make some more. But if you guys don't like it, well then this is my last "preset pack".

But moving on, here are some dubstep presets that you can use in whatever way shape or form you want to use them in. I made these using mostly the modular but that doesn't matter, because as long as it sound good, who cares what machine it's using?

And also, as always the drums are not made by me.

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I think I downloaded your 9th

I think I downloaded your 9th dubstep pack a few days ago and it was amazing! You have a real knack and an ear for dubstep.

Raymond McKenzie

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grabbed. cant wait to try!

grabbed. cant wait to try! Thanks!

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Downloaded - Sounds awesome!

Downloaded - Sounds awesome!