Introducing ... Drum Pad Beats

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While I'm still working on my own project(s), I thought I'd share this announcement about an app Mike has been working on for quite a while. For those who don't know, Mike is a friend of mine who made this website and curates it. He's also big into music apps and has always wanted to create his own. This is his biggest and most ambitious project to date. It uses Caustic's audio engine at its core, but everything else, from the streamlined workflow to the smooth snappy graphics is his own creation.

I encourage you to check it out on the Play Store. Here's a rundown of what it is:

Drum Pad Beats is a fun beat/composer - scene/remixer to capture those ideas when that flash of inspiration hits while away from the studio.

Drum Pad Beats is aimed at users that want to create rhythms and melodies using pads and step sequencers. With the added ability to export their creations to wav, ogg or midi loops (zip, pcmsynth for Caustic), user ideas can be taken farther in mobile or desktop Digital Audio Workstations.

Great for sharing beats/tracks as dpb files and remixing another artist's track, the track could then be remixed again adding even more flavor. Drum Pad Beat's project file contains everything another user needs to take that idea even farther.


+ Adjustable U/I scaling (Settings)
+ Portrait or Tablet layouts
+ In App Help UI with documentation tips
+ 16 Drum pads, 12 Synth pads
+ Dual pad layout for Drum and Synth pads on one screen (remixing/recording live)
+ 63 Scene containers for programed Pad loops w/ 1 2 4 8 measures
+ Song sequencer with 16 playable/exportable sections.
+ Sampler and Chord Arpeggiator, diatonic chord interval arpeggios
+ Keyboard layouts for synth or sampler, 64, 36, 16 pad variations
+ Custom Scale and Key globally or per Scene
+ Record real-time remixes from pad looping and Scene changes as wav, ogg, midi
+ Record overdub for note entry (touch latency varies per device)
+ Metronome timing
+ Full Mixer and Effect for all Drum/Synth pads
+ Drum pad choke groups (4 groups per 8 pads)
+ Audition Browser to load/hot-swap new Drum/Synth kit sounds
+ Expandable Sound Library with Sound expansion packs available on Google Play.
+ Factory Sound Kits (808, 909, Metatronics, various others)



You can find it on the Play Store


As this is not my app, please head over to Mike's support channels for any questions or discussions:

Help Videos -

Drum Pad Beats Discord - (Drop in and say Hi)

New to Drum Pad Beats? Check out the friendly, In App Help UI and Quick Start Guide:


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I've bought that...

What a funky interface.
It's really great you got there in the end Mike - I remember from your early days trying to do this.

I hope we will see a new version of Caustic down the line :) ......after all the hard work you have put into it

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For now it's the PCMSynth, in

For now it's the PCMSynth, in a future update all synths will be able to be loaded into the Synth pads. (minus the Vocoder).

The Drum pads are 2 beatboxes.

You will be able to create custom kits that you can then use in your projects.