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Where to start with Dubstep/Electronic

Really I want to learn from scratch on how to make the beats etc could someone point me to the right place? What synths I should learn (deep bass) etc.. thanks :)

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well ...

well ...

   In case you are interested in dubstep/electronic i suggest you should learn how to use sawsynth, subsynth and modular; you can use sawsynth/modular as a subass/arp/chords and modular for bass/wubs/arp also watch tutorial on yt or livestreams from big producers (ex Virtual Riot or Dylan Tallchief) and try to experiment things on your own too, this way you are creating you style and sound design;

   In case you are interested in deep house you should learn fmsynth/kssynth/sawsynth/pcmsynth and again watch yt/livestreams and try things;

Also there are a lot of presets and project files on the site so you might as well search in this forum and find something interesting.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5-8TUD0ilurYalGUELf2w check out my channel for free projects & remakes :D

SC: https://soundcloud.com/anon-297915341