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How can I improve my composing ability?

Every time I'm halfway through the compilation, I think, my God, it's just a piece of junk. Therefore, I always fail in composing music, usually halfway.

So, what can I do to improve my composing ability?Thank you!  (sorry for my English)

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To start disliking your an

To start disliking your an own song after working on it for a while (and listening it over and over) is normal. Almost every songwriter knows that situation. Getting around that can be tricky, as it totally depends on you, and only on you, what is the best way to avoid such situations.

I often used to work on multiple tracks at once in the past, and when I got tired of one of them, then I just switched to the next one, and then continue later with the other one.

Also, always keep in mind that something like 100% simply does not exist. I think a good measure is to target 80% completion of a song, and then just publish it. Forget about the remaining 20%... these will often ruin the song or at least make you disliking it so much that you won't publish it at all.

Just do not spend too much time with one single composition, as this will sooner or later ruin your objectivity for it. Listening to the same stuff over and over for too long always results in disliking it. It's just a question of time.

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As already said... I've got

As already said... I've got about 100 work in progress tunes... Some I've gone back to over a year later and finished... Throwing stuff out is not a good idea... Well... Unless you've gone back to it over and over again and realised there's nothing you can do with it.

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Just finish something. Don’t

Just finish something. Don’t worry whether you think it’s good or bad. Then don’t listen to it for a week or so. Then go back and listen and see what you think. Also, listen to music in the style that you would like to compose in to see how others do things. But don’t be a copycat. Develop your own style. It takes time and effort. 


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It's like this. I really can

It's like this. I really can't figure out how to continue. Who can continue to teach me? Thank you!(# ̄▽ ̄#)

emmmmmmmm..........( ᖛ ̫ ᖛ )ʃ)

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What are you stuck on? There

What are you stuck on? There will be loads of stuff on YouTube with whatever you are struggling with

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You're getting good advice,

You're getting good advice, basically keep trying!  I would suggest creating a track that's simple and just 1-2 minutes long. Even if it's just a simple phrase repeated with some changes. Just get it done, Like Rob said, you can come back to it and re-work it or extend it. I think it's good to just get something complete.

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You're fine, this is great,

You're fine, this is great, make more.

I make Chillout Electronic Music, and sometimes Ambient. http://floatingbeyond.tk

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Experiment with setting the

Experiment with setting the Scale and Key when creating tunes - it will guide you towards chord progressions and melodies that are different to your typical compositions.