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Google Play minimum API update

It has been made aware to devs that Android API minimum requirements for new submitted applications, as well as other attribute requirements have officially taken effect.

What does this mean?... For those who sell content packages on Google Play, will start getting emails from their constituents asking about a "warning" popup message when they install the add-on for Caustic... The installation will still work, and your content will function 100% as of the time of my OP. I will start the process to update my YouTube marketing content to bring awareness to this. I do not have the tools or time to update my offerings to the new API regs, so the Apps will reside as such as is, for now... They will work... But for devs who create new content, will or have already taken measures to update their infrastructure, and life goes on.

Any questions about my offerings? Ask me.... Other than that... All is good for now, and have a nice day.


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For now, it means you can't

For now, it means you can't do anything unless you recompile to the minimum api.

As far as if Google is going to take them down next year, who knows. Google is more flaky then Jerry Springer.

That said, I know what you are doing with content packs and it is not going to work that way anymore.

I'm not even working on apps atm I got so fed up with this year and mobile tech.

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I still dont understand what

I still dont understand what this all means for me as a customer

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At the moment, you as the

At the moment, you as the customer will still be able to download and install the content... Just have to deal with a pesky warning window saying that the "app" is out of date with current AOS builds on most current devices. As this simply installs content, it will still function...
For now...

I have corresponded with some folks I know, and have encountered no major problems with my offerings at this time... But as you all know, you can contact me any time.

For future offerings, I am weighing options, but am very busy with current studio projects that are taking all of my free time now...