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Using Caustic as an external synth with a DAW

Firstly, I love Caustic - it's what got me properly kicked off with music making and I rave about it continuously. A fantastic piece of work at a ludicrously cheap price.

I'm trying to find ways to integrate it into my DAW workflow and want to use it as an external synth/sound module so I can trigger it with using a step sequencer.

This appears simple enough. Hook it up to my laptop via USB, set USB midi as the connection type and choose it as an output. And it *almost* works, but not quite.

I use Tracktion 7, it recognises my Samsung tablet as an output and allows me to send midi but with one major issue - Caustic won't recognise the midi input. I know everything else is working fine because other midi-receiving apps do work. For example, G-Stomper recognises the midi input as "Android USB peripheral port" and plays the midi fine. However, Caustic doesn't bring up the same pop up, indicating that it doesn't recognise the input.

I know I've had the occasional problem before where Caustic has some kind of issue and won't recognise my regular midi controller, requiring me to unplug and replug it before it'll bring up the pop up asking me to allow it. So I'm sure that it's just not recognising the midi input, rather than there being any other issue.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this and get Caustic to recognise my DAW as an input?

I was able to do a super complicated workaround involving feeding midi from my DAW to another spare midi controller that caustic does recognise and then channeling the midi through that but it's a really impractical set up that doesn't really work how I'd like and I'd have to buy a bunch more stuff to actually use it in anger. Just being able to plug it in and have it work would be so much easier.

Would really appreciate any help!

Slightly off topic and I know the dev has fallen out of love with Caustic a bit through reading other forum posts but, I swear, if he partnered up with a manufacturer to hardload it onto a generic android tablet with some external knobs and an sequencer, they'd sell by the bucket load. People pay £1k for hardware that does a fraction of what this can do.

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Hi, you can connect Caustic

Hi, you can connect Caustic as a MIDI instrument along a MIDI keyboard using the Windows version of Caustic and the loopMIDI software wich you can download here.


I user LMMS (https://lmms.io) as DAW to control Caustic from LMMS and also via the MIDI keyboard.

After installing loopMIDI, I created a "Caustic vMIDI" virtual MIDI port in loopMIDI (the name is just a name, use something that makes sense to you). I also connected my Akai LPK 25 mini keyboard to my laptop.

I started Caustic and LMMS. In Caustic, I set the MIDI in port to  "Caustic vMIDI" and in LMMS I set the MIDI out port for the instrument I used, also to "Caustic vMIDI".  Then I could control Caustic from the LMMS instrument.

To use the LPK25 keyboard simultaneously, both Caustic and LMMS detects it as "LPK25" and I can choose it as MIDI in in both softwares.

Hope this is somewhat clear and you find it useful.