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Electric drum kit as a midi controller

Hey, so I've got a Roland TD8 electric drum kit that I'd really (REALLY!!) like to be able to use as a midi controller for Caustic. I've already got, and regularly use, a generic midi usb keyboard that works perfectly with the app but I cannot figure out the drum kit.

I dont know whether it's the TD8 not sending the data or the app not recognizing it but either way nothing's happening.

I've tried opening up the midi settings so the app can learn the midi map but it just doesn't seem to see any midi data coming in at all. When I connect it, Caustic recognises it as a midi controller and displays it as connected but nothing more.

In all fairness midi is alien to me, I've never got my head around it, there's loads of settings in the TD8 module ("brain") that mean nothing to me, I purchased a midi to usb converter which may be the culprit but dont have anything else I can test with it.

I would really appreciate any help at all with this. I dont even specifically want to use it with beatbox, I'd actually rather use it to trigger a synth to add Harmonic and melodic colour.

I'm a drummer, I just want to hit stuff with sticks to make noise!!!

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So in theory it should work

So in theory it should work as a controller if it's class compliant. What it actually sends via midi is anyones guess!

And also as drummer, yeah, hitting stuff with sticks is very important!

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So, Caustic is recognising

So, Caustic is recognising the MIDI>USB converter. Is the converter, definitely, receiving from the 'brain'? Any kind of, front panel, indicator?

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I have an Alesis DM6 that I

I have an Alesis DM6 that I struggled with for just a bit, until I realized it was the DM6's fault.  Read your kits manual carefully.  Chances are there is a simple configuration that needs to be done to get the TD8 to get sending the midi info correctly so Caustic can recognize it.  Good luck.

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I just want the best drum

I just want the best drum ever