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Hi I go by the name MK40SEVEN...... Im a music producer that has been using caustic for about 5 years and I thought maybe I should share some of my knowledge https://youtu.be/2sgGYvAU5jo. In the link above is a caustic video with just a taste of what my experience on caustic has helped me achieve. I wanted to make a tutorial video but I need help with the whole screen recording thing on android right now I can only record either system or mic without any playback for me to hear what I'm doing.... But as soon as I figure it out I will help if anybody does have An idea please reply I will highly appreciate it
Video link: https://youtu.be/2sgGYvAU5jo

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Why don't u check the forum

Why don't u check the forum of the many types of ways tutorial videos have work on this site right herre.

Sum r on you tube. If not all.

But if u r aimin' two explore enrich ideas on Daisy chain and the likes of other uses of wet knob from modular.

Let mi be the 1st student.