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My person could of been underexperienced before caustic b/c now....

I just watch this video explaining the many different types of pieces u could add two a rack.


Andrew Huang again. Nobody is really explaining such depth with a fine tune precision of the modular without gettin' u lost in a fantasy of imagination of sound. ((( No. Just str8 two fudgin' point!! )))

My person thought win single cell software did the components of a modular i thought dat was all their was two the digital concept "of a mod synth".

The understatement is this beast is not yet finish of what all is the intention of this caustic developer's ingenious attitude has for caustic future!!!

I had fancied before the idea of playing around with modular synthesizer in real life. Playing around with many different patches of somebody else rack.

Since i have downloaded caustic. Back in.... I lost tri of the years cause I'm still 21.

But dammmmmmmm!!!!! I think have a set of items is important right now. Because what if they r taken away and expanded in two something else. Something bigger...

Dat concept could always happen and mess with our minds of what is. And cover new ground for change as caustic matures.

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