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Struggling to get the best volume of my musics. Any help please?

Ok, so I made a music in caustic and I want it to sound as good as we hear songs on the radio or in the TV. I feel that I made it too loud, but if I turn the volumes down for a bit then it's too quiet. Also I want it to be not distorted or crackled. I downloaded 2 samples from beatport, but the interesting thing is that when I heard these in the radio the sound was quieter. So I completely lost in how loud should I make my music. If you ask me why I want my tracks to be sound professional the reason is simple, I want to release it with a music distributor called "Indiefy", so it will be available on iTunes, Spotify, beatport and on other stores, so you know that won't be good if any of my musics will sound different than the others.
The 2 example songs from beatport: https://leopard.hosting.pecon.us/dl/busgr/fb99249d-ebde-45b8-9226-80a822...
My music (I think it's too loud):
Same music mastered online with "emastered" (I'm not sure if it sounds good):

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I found that if you turn down

I found that if you turn down your master volume before exporting  to keep levels in green then import track to caustic mastering,  I use a s.fleks preset which i got from this forum . I added a compressor to the preset  now i can blast the volume pretty hard without distortion.  I try to make my tracks so the bump hard in the car and so far I been really happy with this method. Also putting  limiter on kicks and 808 helps mixing both to sound good I will also compress my kick but side chain it to the 808. With attack all the way up and release all the way down so it compress the very first part of the 808 allowing the kick to pop thru first before the sine comes in.

Hope this was a little helpful for I think mixing is one of my better suits in making beats

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U r in mixing stage of song.

U r in mixing stage of song. What I mean by this. A modern day song production consist of parts. Listed below. And any season producer will explain this from the ol' skool way of producing without digital. The same applies.

1. )creation and arranging. = Includes samples. Sample sounds. Or parts of other songs. ((( Now arranging and creation is ambiguous. Because how u do your music may different in what u do 1st for how your mind operates two create what u like. )))
Soooo the flow of how something sounds and the changes of if it coming up with volume.
But u r still in the 1stage at this point because anything could happen u have not made a final decision on what u want as dat sound for dat sound.

Now.... Sum effects r a taste of artistry of not so much volume. But creation.

And sum effects r about volume. Soooo this apart of the crossover of mixing. Which is more your mental state of your project.

2. ) Mixing sooooo much u can do in caustic it's not a won shoe fits all if u have given enuff room for special items added.
It is still consider mixing because what u add will effect your mastering. But u still a long ways off from mastering.

3. ) ok. Mastering.
Say u think u got your project totally perfect the way u want. Herre is caustic at it's basic of this is a starters app of doing music on the fly.
Not meant two finish a complete composition from this app alone.
This not what caustic was design for. ((( Read plenty of older threads. About caustic was meant for long bus rides. Or train rides. And u wanna create something quick Inna flash two just get your ideas down out of your head. )) For this u take your idea two a d.a.w. or caustic mastering app.

But two fully appreciate how to use the caustic mastering app. U got two study sum of the other ways of mastering from d.a.w.'s..... which their tons of examples on u tube u should be fine.

How this explains what u r looking for.
And it is good two have a many reference tracks u r already there good job!!
Just tweek what u have open up your mind. It's right there. Inside u the answer u r looking for.
Not inside this forum of your particular project.
U know what it needs. Peace!!

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Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.