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Exporting tips

Guys how do I make sure what I hear in Caustic 3..... is exactly what's exported...... cz most times my mix comes out at a very low volume...... or it is ridiculously bass boosted...... whn in the DAW everything sounds nice

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How do you listen to "what I

How do you listen to "what I hear in Caustic" ?  Speakers, headphones?   What you "hear" isn't just Caustic, what you "hear" is a function of the devices you're playing back sound through.  Example, you have your Caustic mix levels way too low, but you have headphones/speakers cranked.  The level will seem right but it's too low.  You have to use the Master meter. Everyone's a little different but I like to keep it up to where the levels are getting into yellow at the peaks and then adjust my headphone level.  If your mix master is up high enough, your export should be fine.  As to the bass levels, it could also be a function of how you are monitoring.

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I have found that for some

I have found that for some tracks, I need to export them, then boost them in Audacity so they play at similar levels to "professionally produced" tracks.  


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