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Best Android TV Box for Caustic?

Anyone here familiar with the Android TV platform?

Those Android TV boxes caught my eye again recently, and I can't help but imagine what a great dedicated Caustic setup could be had from using one, for example:

- 4K 43" TV Screen
- Xaiomi Mi S Android TV Box
- M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 MIDI Keyboard

That's pretty much the setup I'm thinking of, but I've read a few things about those boxes.  Like you need to make sure the box is Google Certified for security reasons and so that the official Google Play Store will operate.  So I looked into it and found the Xaiomi Mi S is certified and well respected.  Trouble is, that box has only one USB socket, which is a bit ridiculous, meaning that if I were to connect a MIDI keyboard to it, there would literally be no ports left over for the mouse and QWERTY keyboard.

So that's a bit of a bummer, and to be honest I've gotten so sick of looking into these boxes now that I thought I'd better ask for input from other users.  So,  bearing in mind I intend to use this pretty much as a dedicated Caustic setup, what would you recommend while keeping the following in mind:

- It must be Google Certified (I am not interested in any non-certified model)
- It must have at least three USB ports (Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI Keyboard)
- It must have a headphone jack (a bonus would be if it could drive Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 OHM))
- It must be powerful enough to run Caustic comfortably (strictly no underpowered, laggy, stuttery boxes)

One final concern is the whole Android latency thing.  At the moment I use Caustic on Windows and iOS, and there is no latency that I've noticed, but I read some time back that some versions of Android are no good for audio apps, so any advice on which versions of Android to avoid (and which are best for audio apps) would be great!

See, if I can get a good enough box, something that feels smooth like my desktop, I might even get rid of my Windows box altogether, cause it would become somewhat redundant and I'd love to ditch Windows completely anyway.

Oh, just one last thing.  I mentioned a 4K TV screen in the hardware list.  I'm not actually bothered about 4K resolution (1920x1080 is the least I will accept) but even the cheaper TV screens at 43" these days have 4K and HDRI.  And the question is, do these Android TV boxes scale the app so that it fills the screen?  In other words, I don't want a big 4K screen if it means the app would appear small in the middle of the screen with giant, unused black areas around it.

So a lot of questions here, I know, but feel free to chip-in with any info you're sure about, no matter how much or how little.  At the very least it will help others considering such a setup, not just me,





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hi, just a quick note. I'm

hi, just a quick note. I'm not 100% sure, but as far as I know, any USB port supports USB hubs. just buy a cheap 4-port USB hub, that should be more than enough for keyboard, mouse, and MIDI.

hope this helps.




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Cheers Aldo.  Thought about hubs, trouble is though, if you only have one USB slot to start with (as on the Mi S) it means everything connected would need to be ok with being connected to a hub.  Unfortunately, MIDI keyboards are one of those peripherals that often don't play well with hubs.

I did stumble upon a TV though, by SHARP, with Android built in and even an SD card slot (which seems very unusal for a TV to have).  I almost bought it but didn't in the end.  I think if Caustic 4 was out I would have gone for it.  So I've not bought anything as of yet, but at least the reading-up and researching part is done with now, so I can go for it when the time comes.  Can't push myself to part with the cash until I actually see Caustic 4 for real, so technically I wimped-out for now, lol.