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Change tempo of vocal sample?

I always run into problem when I want to change the speed of a vocal sample. For example I cut the whole chorus part but it's not exactly 2 secs, 4 secs, 7 secs, or 15 secs. So if I change the bpm for example it became from 15 secs to 10 secs and there will be 5 secs silence part.

Daniele Zummo
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Tempo change cannot be done

Tempo change cannot be done for vocal samples. You could use time stretching but it is not convenient for you, as the filter if used too much will ruin the sample.

In addition to the fact that it is not automatable.

SToons Music
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You need to post an actual

You need to post an actual example of what you want to achieve. Your description alone is far too vague to offer a solution as it's difficult to understand the context.

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So we would need audiotracks

So we would need audiotracks don't we? I know,i know, Rej cannot be pressured here. It's still the best program ever!!!