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womble dung
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Making your own .beatbox files possibloe? And how to?

Recently I've gained more confidence in certain customisations of caustic, mainly in adding .wav files for the PCM synth.
However, as I loved having a good few beatboxes delivering weaving groove layers, or polyrhythms, I'm now wondering how to make my own .beatbox files?
Is it possible and OK?
What are they? re-labelled .zip or such? containing wav and midi?
This would REALLY step up a lot of stuff for me if it is do-able.
Many thanks ahead!

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Nope, all presets are binary

Nope, all presets are binary dumps of rruntime memory, so basically it's an internal file format only used by the sound engine itself. The sound engine is the only thing that can read/write the file in other words.