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Nosidel Montesino
Joined: 12/25/2013 - 15:54
The PCMSYNTH would be great as a auv3

if the PCMSynth was an auv3 plugin for iphone, i would paid for it because it would be my main sampler, i just love everything about it, the PCMSynth is my favorite mobile Sampler and there ain't no other like it in the app store, if Rej don't want to update Caustic 3 for iphone, in which is not working correctly, Rej just please at least make the pcmsynth an auv3, i bet you will make a lot revenue of it in the app store, im probably the most active Caustic 3 mobile beat maker and the most on showing what can be done in caustic 3, because every beat on my youtube channel which is over 155 of them and keeps coming,,,, anyways i made sure to let viewers know that everything was made completely in caustic 3 mobile and nothing else other the the mastering app, basically im always promoting Caustic 3 because thats my way of showing my gratitude for you creating caustic 3, so i think that could count for something, plus i dont want caustic 3 to ever died !!

Daniele Zummo
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Sorry but caustic 3 is

Sorry but caustic 3 is already dead.