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Nosidel Montesino
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Rej is best best mobile DAW developer !!!
and the reason why, let me explain, i bought and tried every mobile DAW for Android phones or iPhone and Auv3 which are 3rd party instruments and fx plugins that can be used in most Daw in the app store for does who didn't know, anyways I thoroughly and deeply try every app and made a full projects in them, but non of that "fancy" and "advance looking" Daws can compare with Caustic 3, first of all Caustic work flow mainly because the rack concept and the sequencer added ready on the rack with each instrument, also the simplicity of editing the notes in the sequecer, to me is the biggest plus of caustic because when inspiration hits, grabbing your ideas and layering them down should always be an easy process, as easy as with Caustic,,
which is the most important thing in music production especially in mobile beat making, !!!!!
also when it comes to editing samples there is no other that gets close to the PcmSynth, first of all sf2 files are samples too, so it should always be a most in a sampler,.Rej thank you for understanding that, anyways the PcmSynth has mostly all the editing tools that you need in a sampler, the volume envelope, the filter with its futures, LFO thats a bonus and great bonus by the way, and everything else on the surface, but also under the hood, we got the Stereo to Mono which is very but very important, save sel. also very valuable option, Remove, Cut, Paste, Crop, mute, Normalize, Amplify, fade in and out, Reverse, FIND ROOT, Pictch/Time, and the ability to edit your sample even more with the Effects options, the only thing missing is the option to setup various slices to sample and be able to set each slice point to a note key and play it instead of chopping slices saving it, import back into a note key,
but thats ok because i do enjoy chopping and saving each chop from samples in the pcmsynth,, anyways its also missing the option to load mp3 !!! other then that the PCMSYNTH is the best mobile sampler and still is the best, and all this are my personal top reasons why i feel Rej is best developer, because he created Caustic, the best mobile app pound for pound.. my final though on what should be Caustic 4 if there ever be a caustic 4, well the same as version 3 but with some options, like an audio track, unlimited tracks well what ever your device can handle, and for the iPhone version the option to add auv3 plugins into the rack in Caustic and thats it !!

and by the way sorry for my English, Spanish is my main language !!

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Me encanta esta conclusión. 

Me encanta esta conclusión.  smiley

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Just logging in to say

Just logging in to say Caustic is my favorite mobile DAW. Caustic has reallly good modulation and sound design. The guy who made this app is awesome and I wish I could buy him or her a beer and tell them they're a great programmer. I wish Caustic had more exposure, because the other mobile daws... meh.... Caustic 3 is where it's at.


Im still a novice tho.

Daniele Zummo
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Originally there should have

Originally there should have been a version 3.3, but it won't update anymore. Nobody here is updating (the apps). I'd like a message from Rej, where he says what's going on. Whether this does not update depends on the covid or other factors.

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Caustic 3.2 is not going to

Caustic 3.2 is not going to update, it's going to go to OS rot. The code base is 10 years old now and the OS progression has left much of it in decay and not able to compile without serious attention.

However, a ground-up fresh rewrite is much more likely to happen as a new product, making use of the additional device power that we have now (rather than a decade ago), and indeed all the new stricter requirements of OS and file handling etc.

Stay tuned... Keep making music.

And yes, Rej's work is fantastic.

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Why rej never talks or say

Why rej never talks or say anything ?? Anybody knows his FB/insta or anything else where we can contact him ? At least clear the situation about what's his goals or not.


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If you're on iOS, NanoStudio

If you're on iOS, NanoStudio 2 is the closest to Caustic and probably a little better as far as workflow IMHO. But that dev has been silent for quite a while as well. App was supposed to get audio tracks but still waiting. I use NS2 for most of my composing and then export wav files to arrange in Cubasis 3. I don't care for the workflow / user experience in any other iOS DAW and I've tried most of them. 


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As long as you keep an old

As long as you keep an old device and don't update it....you should be fine for quite awhile also it could be handy to have a windows version that you can also keep on an older version and just make a copy every once in awhile.....caustic guide is a great app to help with some of this....but with things like Cubasis 3 and soon versions of reaper and Reason Rack having mobile versions coming soon... its a hard pool to wade in....when caustic dropped there were hardly any mobile music apps that were any good by comparison....I know because I've bought it like 5 times......but now with so many changes to the market im sure he's got his hands in other things.....it was a pet project at one point but once you get past this there's so much more money out there with his skill set....I think honestly the best way to keep this alive and profitable would be to patient all this software into a dedicated hardware unit and sell it as a stand alone
But then we would be talking at least 1k to 1500 per unit

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Straight up, the way Rej

Straight up, the way Rej coded out the program is nothing short of genius inspiration. I mean, the way the modules are written around the caustic core is effective, compact for mobile, & worthy of Korg, the music giant, copycating. They found it worthy enough to take the basis of program structure & create their own version, the Korg Gadget. Or have we forgot the mainstream "go-bots" version they did? Lol I never got a chance to try it at length, I'm way too busy makin hard ass beats on Caustic to even worry about that jive ass rip-off, & I love Korg! Rej is the man & I would do nearly anything to get him back on the caustic horse!!!

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I used to say unitl hell

I used to say unitl hell freezes over but then about 10 years ago it snowed on Halloween.

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11 years later ... I'm still

11 years later ... I'm still using it today

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mel should try to make a new

mel should try to make a new version? 

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It's been 5 years since

It's been 5 years since caustic 3.2 is out.


It would've been cool if there's a new version of Caustic.

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I hope it can happen.

I hope it can happen.

I've been using Caustic for 6 years now and it still seems like complete genius to me, even now that I can use FL Studio 20 on my PC.