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A problem with Caustic 3

Hi ev'ryone...I have a major problem, I put on my headphones,open Caustic, load some machines on the control panel,start playing and the audio pops annoyngly and the musics slow down for 3-4 seconds then returns to normal...but you will also understand you cannot continue to create a song in this conditions!  sad sad

Do any of you have the same problem?

What could it derive from?sad

Thank you all

Nosidel Montesino
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that's a weird problem, the

that's a weird problem, the only time i do have that problem or issue was only with some wav files that have some timing coding in the file, but what i always do in that situation, i just re export that same wav file in the mastering app and that fix the problem !!!

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Sounds like a device/memory

Sounds like a device/memory/processor type of problem, not software. If nothing has changed in your hardware, perhaps you have another app running at the same time, competing for resources.

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are they bluetooth hdphns?

are they bluetooth hdphns? android has a "disable absolute volume" in the developer options, it could be tha?

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I had that with bluetooth

I had that with bluetooth headphones, never a problem wired

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thanx all for your

thanx all for your explanations...I've not fix the problem yet..still seek other solutions