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Easy Sidechain with Compressor Bug

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Due to the strange but simple way the compressor effect works in caustic, it is quite easy to make sidechains

Caustic's compressor activates with pressure and not the difference of pressure which means DC offset WILL AFFECT the compressor, This lets you make a perfect sidechain with a flat DC sample loaded up in a BeatBox or PCMSynth (note, you cant use DC with Modular or SubSynth)

This also lets you have no attack or release time so instant sidechain,

There's also foldback when the compressor is pushed beyond so you can do negatives as well (bars 4-8, 2 dc samples playing at the same time brig the sound back, like foldback distortion) or create some weird AM interferance with it (bars 12-16, playing samples over the DC brings the volume back, like a sort of inverse compressor)

I used it all the time in my tunes when i figured this out.

please rej, don't change it, and if you do at least put the current one in as a option!


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i hope he don't change

i hope he don't change anything but just prove everything, like for example adding more option or tools in the pcmsynth like a 4 band eq on the pcmsynth it self, plus a 4band eq on the mixer instead of a 3band, plus on the patten page more option like a slice any part option, and being able to startup any pattern instead of just at the end of the pattern, also it would be great to have the option on the master reverb add any reverb.files like it possible on the mastering app and the option of having 4 fx slots instead 2 and maybe thats it !!!!

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Nice trick with the DC offset

Nice trick with the DC offset. Best forum read in years.

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You gotta do a vid on this

You gotta do a vid on this please I'd really like to learn but in written form I have no idea what the hell this means and I stuggle with my caustic side chains....please post YouTube vid