Caustic 3.1 update is ready

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Although it didn't happen as fast as I would have hoped, the Caustic 3.1 update is live. This update brings the much requested AudioBus and virtual MIDI support for iOS as well as a brand new synth, machine routing, velocity drum pads, undo/redo, UI skins, stability improvements and much more.

Check out the "what's new video" for a quick look at the new stuff. And be sure to watch all the other new videos too...


Android - Google Play

iOS - Apple App Store


Desktop versions. Free, full version, but no support. New is a MacOS version and a standalone (no registry access required) Windows application. 

Windows installer [26 Mb]

Windows stand-alone ZIP ​[27 Mb] (for use on public computers or when you can't install programs, can be run directly from a USB drive once unzipped)

MacOS disk image (OS/X 10.6 Intel required) [28 Mb]



Every time a new version comes out, I think I'm robbing you, as I paid for the first version a loooong time ago. It was worth it then, and the value only increases. Do you have a tip jar somewhere?


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Thanks a lot Rej !

Thanks a lot Rej !

The modular synth is a modular effect now !

Can us it for oscilloscopes of multiple tracks, and it is possible to chain modular synths...

My Clavia G2 modular is jealous.

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Fantastic work

Rej !

I'm just fascinated all over again since I initially bought Caustic in the very beginning and like andychannelle I'm almost ashamed of the payback I'm receiving for the 2.99 I invested back in May 2011 wink

I hope you never stop creating new ideas for this awesome application !

Godspeed my friend



Are you kidding me its a phone app

You know I used to be a pro audio tech, worked in radio, and stage, and every update I do I think damn it can't get any better heads and tails above anything else on almost any system , yet he dose it again makes it better, I used to have many other programs I used with caustic one by one each update made them unnecessary

nice update...

I have VT75C Videocon tablet,I saw your video on that secret egg... so I tried it but its not working,I want to know that How to use that trick on Screentouch mobiles or tablet ? Is there any specific process for tablets or mobiles ?

Mac OSX version

Thanks so much for such a wonderful software. Quite impressed you've developed this alone, and in your spare time. The world needs more individuals like you: creative, intelligent, and willing to make the world more beautiful. Discovered Caustic on the Google Play store on my Android two days ago, and composed a few tracks already while kicking those tires. Just installed the Mac OSX version. Works well. Thrilled. But why no option to save and export please, unlike the Windows version? Sure, can wait for the MIDI support whenever you're ready.

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Hi everyone, I've been a member and user of caustic for over a year now and I love the program so much! I have only been able to use it on my android phone but I recently got my sisters old Mac its an intel running 10.5.8. I was so excited to see that there is now a Mac OS version but I am unable to get it running. Actually I hate this Mac.. the only thing it seems to be good at is starting up fast, other than that it's a piece of shit but I digress. Any hints tips or instructions you all may have would be excellent, I REALY want to experience casutic on a desktop. I love my android phone but I know I'd be able to creat so much more on this mac, or maybe not ha Any info would help, thank you all very much. 

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MacOSX trouble

Hi Rej, thank you for responding to my question! I havne't been around to log into my account, so appologies on my slow response time. 

So it says "The aplication CausticOSX quit unexpectedly" 

This is the report. I have no idea what any of it means or if it will be helpful at all. I know you said there will be no support for the desktop versions so I really appreciate you checking it out. 

here's the log info. 

Process: CausticOSX [393] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com.singlecellsoftware.CausticOSX Version: ??? (???) Code Type: X86 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [87] Interval Since Last Report: 120890 sec Crashes Since Last Report: 44 Per-App Interval Since Last Report: 0 sec Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 43 Date/Time: 2014-07-21 15:29:53.108 -0700 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 (9L31a) Report Version: 6 Anonymous UUID: 042D5E0C-7088-4735-A22D-F8ECFDC26438 Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000 Crashed Thread: 0 Dyld Error Message: unknown required load command 0x80000022

Thanks again!

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Hi Rej, thanks again for

Hi Rej, thanks again for taking the time to look into this. Unfortunately I cannot upgrade the OS, Mac is such a closed environment. Don't worry about wasting any time on this at least not for me. I can still create just fine on my phone. I also just saw I can use a bluetooth keyboard which I have so after it charges I'll be good to go. Thanks again!

I know the reason behind the

I know the reason behind the 3.1 not extended to BB platforms. But I know every Caustic 3 on BB10 user out here, myself included, no matter how old, feels like believing in Santa again and wishing for an awesome gift.... the update :) haha. Anyway, is there a way BB user can purchase a paid android app thru 3rd party source (1mobile perhaps)? Thinking of just purchasing Caustic 3 again and get updates coz if ever it would cost me less than actually buying a non-BB device then repurchase the app. Thanks!

Babyfaced Assassin


Congratulations for the amazing piece of software! I've been using it for a while (on my  tablet and as well on pc). The new features of 3.1 are quite promising but I cannot install it on  my pc. I use win 7, it seems to install but when launching it only a blank window appears with nothing visible in it. As I try to run the standalone version it starts to play the startup song but also nothing to see within the window. Would anyone have a suggestion how to fix it?