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How to export Songs from Caustic on iPad midi into GB or Logic

Hello, is there anyone out there who has successfully exported midi out of Caustic on an IPad into GarageBand or Logic? When I try, it only recognizes audio programs such as Audiofile, Audioshare, etc. to send it to. I need to send the midi, so I can replace the tinny piano sound with a fuller voice. What app actually work with Caustic for exporting midi? Please provide specific steps or tutorials. All I've seen on YouTube has not helped. Thanks!!!




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When exporting, select .MID

https://singlecellsoftware.com/docs/caustic/v3_1_0/song_export.htmlWhen exporting, select .MID in the space next to the file name in the export dialogue. That'll render it to a MIDI file. It'll send the rendered MIDI to Caustic3/documents/songs/export by default. Then you'll be able to direct your DAW to that folder, load up the MIDI file(all the tracks will be in one file), and assign VSTi to each of the tracks, which are named in the DAW. I just tested this out with Reaper(I don't use GarageBand or Logic myself, but importing MIDI works much the same everywhere. You ought to be presented with options for various ways of assigning the individual tracks too), and it worked a treat. Caustic3's drum mapping for the BeatBox thing-y doesn't appear to follow General MIDI Note assignments, so that could take a bit of mucking about to rectify, but for other tracks, it all does as it's supposed to...