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technique: subsynth pwm

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a way to get pwm in subsynth that i've been using for years but never actually seen here.

osc 1: saw
osc 2: custom, start with a saw in the waveform draw-er thing and carefully invert it so it goes up instead of down, preserving its phase and amplitude

the two slopes should perfectly cancel each other out and, because the default saw and the custom saw are 90° out of phase, this should produce a perfect square wave because of reasons. you can now modulate the phase knob and thus the pulse width. this is like, the only polyphonic pwm in caustic unless you do something weird in pcmsynth lol

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nice tip, but i think a

nice tip, but i think a better way to do it would be to just load a single cycle waveform of a saw on both custom waves instead of drawing one, that way you avoid some nasty sounds that appear from inperfections

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Hey nitro, haven't seen you

Hey nitro, haven't seen you in a while but I don't visit much these days. Nice hack as always! Funny that the subsynth will do pm but it's a little flakey, yours seems more stable.

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