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should Rej hand the project to someone else?

i have been thinking about this for a while and i want to know what the rest of what remains about this community thinks, we all know caustic hasn't received updates in a while and that Rej can't work on it for various reasons, some of which are technical (like google pushing java on android while the app is written in c++) but it seems tons of people still use caustic instead of moving to say garage band, i have seen even new musicians getting on caustic instead of using another software.

caustic needs an update desesperately to fight back against android updates that limited SD access, make text and knob render fail at random or just crash and break files, new synths, effects or bug fixes would be great too and mastering could get some work (it seems the meters don't reflect the volume they are playing)
the forums work great but when you click the singlecell software link on google you get redirected to a phising site for some reason and having to register to download presets might put some people off too.

i know there's money involved (because of the key) and that it's not as easy as just give the source code to someone else and update the app or upload it to another store/repository or even make it FOSS, but if the rumors are true, apps that haven't been updated in a while will get delisted from google play and caustic will become practically abandonware and people would be forced to stick to the desktop version or download version 3.0 from shady apk download sites.

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yeah me personally have been

yeah me personally have been a proponent of the idea of making it open source. but on the whole i think that there is practically zero incentive at this point for rej to do anything from his perspective. if he doesnt want to do anything he only stands to gain money from key sales which would otherwise possibly be impossible to do with a better and open source version of caustic. not only that but if he did want to come back after making such a move, financially, it would be pointless without massive overhauls/additions that would potentially outweigh any open souce versions people hypothetically mightve developed up until that point. 

There really are two likely paths at this point out of all from what ive seen

1) Development resumes (of which is the most unlikely at this point imo)

2) The site/app remains stagnant indefinitely until the servers for the site goes down, pc/mac versions cant run on the respective os' any more and the app becomes complete abandonware.

i'd like to think at some point the rights to Caustic could be sold to a company/org that can see the potential in such a daw and further its development but all the same im not holding my breath at all since its been over a quarter of my total life in years since the last update. It does make you wonder though, what did rej, if anything, have planned for 3.3.



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There's no need to hope

There's no need to hope anymore. I doubt that anything will be done, this place is now abandoned.

I'm really sorry but at this point in my opinion there is better.

What is most angry is that Rej hasn't written anything anymore. I think you should be honest with people.

I mean, you don't want to update it anymore? I'm fine with it, at least you warn me, but no.