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What a shame...

I remember a time when this place was.... well, for one, not leaking pus from the malware...


...but it was also a time of true inspiration. I miss the collabs, the familiar names, the weird ones (Derritblu, anybody?)... the radio shows were neat, also. 

It was all cool back in the earlier days. But that was around 2013, for me. Life changes, yeah?


... I wonder what all those guys are up to these days? Jason? Wardini? Derritblu? James? CausticReplay? Tyrin?


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Some of the members like

Some of the members like Jason, Mike, etc are still around a year ago while most of the old members have never returned.

绿 黄 黑 红 蓝 粉 绿蓝.

Ali Celis
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In world history, communities

In world history, communities as cults (caustic cult) just dies in time, sometimes just for otter more interesting things, and otters just quit...

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There was no cult..  haha the

There was no cult.. wink haha the app never got updated. This was a communicty, not a cult for sure. (last time I checked we made music)

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Hi, just to say, still making

Hi, just to say, still making music, and still using Caustic.. :)

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Much like our developer, for

Much like our developer, for me life just intervened.  I still play music and still occasionally use Caustic to create something new.  I will say there was a community spirit here during a time that stimulated and pushed me to keep trying new things and then posting for comment, but just like real-life there are seasons for everything, including online communities.

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Do we not need to sacrifice

Do we not need to sacrifice goats anymore then?


** Puts down knife and slowly backs away **