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Forcing the time signature into 5/3

This is vastly important to me as i am attempting a challenge which has me writing in 5/3 and in G. Is it possible, even if i have to edit files i want to do this.

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I have no idea what you mean

I'm not sure what you mean by "edit files".

There are no files that you can simply edit to allow you to set a time sig of 5/3, at least not as far as I know.

Writing for 5/3 is doable but you have to use your imagination and make concessions. Most odd meters eventually come around to landing back on a ONE beat. In this case that's probably easiest to do every 5 measures.

5/3 means 5 beats, a unit that is 1/3 of a measure represents a beat. That would be a half-note triplet:
ONE and ah two AND ah three and AH four and ah

But that's only 3 beats as the actual beats here are the capitalized words above.

Long story short, it's possible but unless someone has a better method I'd suggest using 8 measure patterns, only filling up 5 measures with notes/rhythms.

Put the 8 measure patterns in the sequencer and make them 5 measures long. Use loop in song mode to cycle the patterns as you work on them.

I attached an example. The drum rhythm best illustrates what's going on.

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