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How to create EDM etc... Used this years ago, on mobile, recently on PC. Still no idea how to use this...

I purchased this app on the play store years ago. I still don't quite know how to use it...

I never created a complete song with this before. I did watch some tutorials on the official channel, but I still have no idea how can I compose songs like EDM, which is Dubstep, House, etc...

What type of song should I start first if I want to create good music?? EDM, or like classic in 90's (although I'm born in the 2000's not familiar with these songs but maybe I can listen on YouTube and learn...)

Synths... Synths... Wha... How am I supposed to use them???

Oh also I found a problem with the Caustic website. It opens up a strange link when I click on the official website on Google. A scam ad pops up. Is it still in my clipboard? https://bushplysky.live/?utm_campaign=INccHxHRWrew3TQsLBbfNnbGFYUZobMqxX...

Oh it is still in my clipboard. Should I post a part of this into the bug reporting section of this forum? But its the website not the application...

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hey man im kam, ive been

hey man im kam, ive been using caustic for about 8-9 yrs i think answered most of your questions here la!


*how do i use it?

its a grind and there is a lot to learn but we have time on our side / you create patterns with the instruments and place them down in the song sequencer / first i would choose or download a new skin, sounds stupid but the og one stresses me out, i use jupiter (search for it on this site)/ you will have to download some sounds of your own at some point, there are alot of presets in this website or in the app store/ theres always something else to learn or focus on, from sound design (making synths and stuff sound cool) sampling (using pre recorded audio) mixing (balancing volumes and eq) music theory (how to choose cool chords and melodies)


*what type of song should i start with?

i would say what types of music you like / i dont know how much music experience you have, i use caustic to make all types of music, to record guitar, keyboards, i make house, garage, dnb, hiphop (link to some projects from my google drive at bottom of post) / or try and recreate a song you know well, think about how many different sounds you can hear and try to recreate them, its gonna sound bunk ass but thats okay, we try again, like sisyphus.


*how am i supposed to use synths?

synths make an obnoxious buzzing sound that we carve away at using envelopes (changing the volume over time) and filters (changing the frequency content) and different configurations of waveform (the shape and sound of the obnoxious buzzing) they all work in slightly different ways but do petty much the same thing, its a rabbit hole fr fr


*weird bug

this site is very buggy and pretty much abandoned at this point, same goes for the app which is very sad because its truly amazing, afaik made by one genius dude, it cost me a fiver, and i use it every day and have done for years, its the best app thats ever been coded and i will not hear anything else, who needs a WAV longer than 24 seconds but the greedy and the ignorant?


*what now?

it is a very long and arduous road, we are all at different points along it, and the only certainty is that it will never end, but we can all help each other, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, miles davis, jimi hendrix, j dilla, aphex twin, george martin, phil spector, brahms, countless others, they all took this road before us and if we study them maybe we can glean a small peice of their greatness and add it to ours some way some how


i would just make the music that you love, and strive to be better every day


youtube is a great resource, for all kinds of different subjects covered above



i would totally give you proper lessons / through zoom or discord or whatever / you can pay whatever works for you, and i would give you a few free lessons ofc so you know for sure this is the rabbit hole you wanna fall down/ you can learn whatever you want ask anything you want

but i only train masters so i wont stand for any bs.





this is a link for a few project files, i tried to pick a few different genres to show ya


anyway hope you see this brda this shit took me like an hour all love

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JUst to throw in my two cents

JUst to throw in my two cents, I've been producing music for close to ten years and I've never really tried to make music fit a specific genre until this year. For some reason I'm resistant to using tutorials. I finally bit the bullet and started making some synthwave tracks in Bitwig, and just learning how to emulate a certain style of music was tremendously valuable. Now I'm looking at some EDM tutorials for Caustic and i'm gonna give it a shot; some of my tracks are already sounding better and more coherent than any before.

Even in '23 I'm accosted by Caustic

Lost iin the sauce, this DA'W's  simply boss shit

For the cost of a click I can mass produce top hits

Pause... tick.. tick... tock.. and a tock tick.

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Oh my... I totally forgot

Oh my... I totally forgot about this website until now... Wait is the date format just different? Did I post this on May?
I know how to play the guitar. But I still don't know quite how to use it. I just checked out the sample projects.


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I'd suggest looking up some

I'd suggest looking up some tutorials on synthesis in general if you're wondering about the synthesizers on here. I strictly played guitar for nearly 20 years and got into synths and such about 6 years ago. It's a totally different beast, but it's been fun, and caustic can be pretty awesome once you wrap your head around it. There are video tutorials on each different caustic instrument in YouTube that are helpful too.if you're serious about it,you'll wanna pick up a midi controller of some kind also, they even have midi guitars!

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Is there any good tutorials

Is there any good tutorials out there... On YouTube?