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Does it still work on latest Android?

As the OS keeps updating and changing policies.. i wonder how much longer , until the app wont be listed for latest devices anymore. Has the developer ever expressed whether or not he will do some ( not update ) .. just refresh version , should the incompability issue arise ?

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3.2.0 still works perfectly

3.2.0 still works perfectly on my LG V60 ThinQ with Android 13.

SToons Music
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Works fine on my Samsung S20

Works fine on my Samsung S20 FE, Android 13, One UI ver 5.1

Only complaint is that it limits you to loading & saving files from/to only the default directories. For example, if you want to load any wav files into the editor or any instruments that support them (PCMsynth, SubSynth, Beatbox, Vocoder) they have to be in the Caustic/samples or Caustic/samples/editor folders.

Bit of a pain since you can no longer easily export a song & then load it into the editor to listen to it. You have to either listen using a different app or use a file manager to copy it from songs/export into the above mentioned folders.

This is not an Android limitation - other audio apps can open & save to any folder without this issue, and it's likely due to the fact that it hasn't been, & seems unlikely to be, updated.

Still a great app, but requires inconvenient workarounds, however for how much longer? Like you I also have concerns that after any new Android software update it could just stop working.

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It dosen't work on Pixel 7

It dosen't work on Pixel 7 Android 13 :(


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The demo works fine on my

The demo works fine on my Samsung S20, but I can't buy the unlock key - Playstore says my android OS is too new and not compatible, but the demo version runs flawlessly :-(

SToons Music
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@JGP that sucks, I use it

@JGP that sucks, I use it with no issues on my S20 FE (Android 13). But I purchased the key when I had an S6, Android 7 OS. I migrated that phone over to my newer phone using the Samsung Smart Switch app and it copied both Caustic & the key with no problems. So perhaps if you still have an older phone you could do the same.

You can blame Google for their arguably stupid or lazy new Play Store policies, it's causing many developers alot of grief.

I also use Csound on my phone... they had to update it before Sept. 1st or were threatened with removal. So it was updated (I'm a beta tester) but they refused the update because for it to work it requires certain directory permissions which Android (Google) no longer wants to openly allow. As a result it's only available as a download from github.

I know that's somewhat unrelated but wanted to point out it's largely a PlayStore/Google/Android issue. The key is probably compatible (works for me) they just won't let you purchase it probably citing "security issues".