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PcmSynth, The most useful synth?

I'm thinking PcmSynth is the most useful synth after Beatbox. You can put in clear PcmSynth any scratch, Hold "Level" Button and i wave editor insert scratch, Start and End example: if you holding can be opened edit menu, or insert mure samples to make kit. And the BeatBox: Just tap on the top button and insert sounds, kit made. There in caustic are hidden many most useful functions, but i can tell on either forum or on yt channel. Thanks for reading!

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I have to agree cause since

I have to agree cause since it's sample-based there really is no limit.  I'm curious though, are you aware it also has an Auto-Sampling function that allows you build synths out of multiple Caustic devices and Auto-Sample them into a PCM Synth File?

Just in case you're not aware of it, you should go into the Settings Panel and under the Tools tab you will see an option called "Merge Rack To Instrument".  It's bloody genious cause it allows you to combine multiple Caustic devices and Auto-Sample them into a single PCM Synth file that you can load into the PCM Synth as a single instrument.  You can generate massive, multi-part, multi-textured sample files for PCM Synth.

Here's an offical video from the developer about it: