Announcing Caustic 3

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After many months of testing, I'm proud to announce the release of Caustic 3. The update should be available on Google Play and the app is also out for the first time on iOS!

Android - Google Play

iOS - Apple App Store

BlackBerry - AppWorld

Windows (free, full version)

Huge thanks to all the beta testers on the forum, I really appreciate all the help.


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 Watching the youtube vids now!

Paint Huffing Pit Bull Puncher

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Just in time!

Just 2 days ago I grabbed another tablet & have been working it over, just tonight got the wireless up, and guess what the 3rd site I hit was just a few min ago!

Off to take a peek at the video now...


It has occurred to me that there are fewer years ahead than there are behind....

Finally have a new tablet....time to catch up!

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Aww Yeah!

Fantastic!  I saw the download last night and thought well, that is what I am doing all day tomorrow.  Every update you send out is so expansive and this one is no different; this looks like a huge update and I might actually watch some tutorials this time.  The Caustic key is by far the best app purchase I have ever made.  Thanks, this is going to be fun.

This is absolutely awesome.

This is absolutely awesome. Using Caustic 3 has been the most enjpyable experience I have had in making music on iOS. In fact it reminds me of my favourite software Propellerhead's Reason. Congratulations on it's release!

Merry, merry, merry, merry...

This is awesome!

I feel almost ashamed of that we don't have to buy a new licence for Caustic 3! This is huge. And so are my virtual thanks!

(Edited, as I found out features in C2 I didn't know!!! I thought the thing was new in C3, but it wasn't!)

Thanks you caustic:)

Is very happy to get this and I wait for this around 2 month and finally get this some more is free in early i though I need to buy when release but im surprise to get update for free so I would like to give you a big thanks for your Christmas gift and wish all caustic fans and user and development merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!!

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Rej, You've outdone yourself. Again.

Rej, You've outdone yourself.  Again.


Caustic 3 is the FIYAH.  After months and months of artist's block, creativity is reborn in me thanks to this incredible new set of tools.  I've been with it since Caustic 1.0- the timeline of evolution has been astonishing all the way through.  Anyway, this new release is the best anti-depressant I could've hoped for!  Thank you.

Velocity sensitivity a pain for newbies


The huge grin Caustic 3 gave me is wearing off, seems I have to know how to play first to use this software. Ain't newbie friendly. Obviously all the BETA testers knew how to play.

My playing would sound half decent on my Akai Lpk25 connected to Caustic 3 via iPad if only I could set the velocity to maximum in Caustic. Yea I'll get better eventually, but it sounds like crap all the up and down volume between notes and I will probably stop using Caustic. There are other virtual instruments on the iPad that can output constant velocity notes ignoring the keyboard velocity, such as iSEM where newbies can get the notes right and not have to worry about velocity straight away. 

A simple addition to the settings tab auto velocity or fixed at 1 to 127 pick a number.

There is a velocity setting in advanced tab but that does something else and does not address general playing velocities

Caustic3 & Comments im Browser

Hey, hier ist ein Berliner User der diese App zu schätzen weis. Hab mit Props Reason & FL gearbeitet und muss sagen das euer ProG vom allerfeinsten ist, und das im Android. Negativ ist eure Comments-Option im Browser (ständiger swiTch beim AlphaBet)

Mac Catalina

It looks as though the Mac version does not work in Catalina. This is a great shame, and a bit of a nuisance as I was just getting to grips wtih the program with the help of a book which specifically refers to that synthesizer system.

It'd be great to know if and when a 64 bit version becomes available, so that I can renew my learning experiences.