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Caustic Tutorial: Sweep Filter Effect

I've been busy making another tutorial - Create a sweep filter effect within Caustic.


Hope it helps someone. Enjoy.

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Thanks for this

Thanks for this

Patrick Tow
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Great tutorial! I tried it

Great tutorial! I tried it out myself after watching the video and ended up with a new song idea that I've been working on. Thanks for this video.

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Nice.  I think I'd use

Nice.  I think I'd use pattern automation rather than song automation.  Then you can have a different sweep in each pattern.  

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I understood the basic idea

I understood the basic idea of putting together a sweep before I watched this video, but after having watched it I felt I had half already done one, so I made one for my latest song.  I made mine in the modular and added a waveform to it to make it sound more robotic, which fit my song.  Your work on this helped that push a little.  Like I said in another thread recently, seeing it sometimes makes the difference.  Thanks for your effort. :)

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Thanks for another well put

Thanks for another well put together tutorial Leigh, good stuff.